This service is headed by two quadriplegics: Jayabalan Govender and Ricky Maduray. Precisely because we ourselves are dependent on nurses for our every need, we are sympathetic to those who need such help at home.

Home-based care offers a service to the public at home where Health care professionals affect the service with tender loving care to the frail, sick, and elderly. This affordable care relieves the strain and burden which families experience. It will also allow the family to rally around their loved ones avoiding conflict and divisions which is so commonly found in our communities. Ultimately our primary objective is to prevent our loved ones from being institutionalized in their final days.

Among our basic needs which home-based care ministers to are the following: emotional and spiritual support, companionship, administering medication, feeding, bathing, physiotherapy (passive exercises), change of bed and clothes, visiting doctors, hospitals, clinics and outings. Above all else providing such services with love, care, and understanding.

We also have a subsidiary company called ALL AFRICA LEARNING CENTRE to educate potential candidates in healthcare. We offer courses such as First Aid Level 1-3 & Community Healthcare Workers, These courses teach Basic Nursing Care, TB, HIV and AIDS support and treatment, teamwork, problem solving, managing traumatic events, identifying abused persons, to plan & promote nutrition, the understanding of psychiatric disorders by promoting activities of daily living, developing ARV treatment for clients. Our vision is to provide the best learning environment for nursing health professionals so that they discharge their duties to the sick and ailing in their local communities with commitment, dedication and devotion. Our company is accredited by the Health & Welfare Seta and South African Qualification Authority. We operate from the premises of the Aryan Benevolent Home which is amongst the leading welfare organizations in the Country and thus allowing us to teach these courses at affordable rates.

Future projects, to take nursing education to the people living in the rural areas so that they may benefit their own communities.

Please feel free to visit or contact us should you require any further information. Thank you and warmest regards.


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