"Excellence Through Service"

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Should I regard my quadriplegic status as a tragedy or a challenge? Resolving this hard question took awhile, though happily I chose the latter answer.
My main work experience is as an electrician and locksmith, in which I enjoyed managerial status. This early exposure to work and management encourages me to believe that I will attain to greater heights, which is why I have set my goals high.
I prefer practicing a vocation rather than pursuing a dry academic career. However, when news reached me of the learnership at the DIT, I grabbed the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge of how to run a business. Thus far, it has been a rewarding experience, and helped me set up structures, register a business and start operating with minimum resources.
At a personal level, I find rewarding the many friendships I have made and the strong family ties I enjoy.
As the representative of residents of the Aryan Benevolent Home on the Council and Board of Management, I have the opportunity to interact with senior officials. Moreover, as the founder member and first Chairman of the Simunye Social Club for the Disabled, I have the privilege to serve the physically challenged. Happily, the Club is a success for the past seven years, though we have plans for growth.
While I did not matriculate because I had to take up employment to help support the family, I have acquired life skills to compensate for the lack of formal education.
I have the courage of my convictions. It is my firm article of faith that I will succeed in life.

  • Is based at the Aryan Benevolent Home
  • Practical demonstrations are done at the home
  • Theory is taught on Saturdays
  • Practical work is done on an ongoing basis so that
  • students are familiar with procedures
  • All Africa Learning Centre is accredited with the
  • Health & Welfare Seta & SAQA


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